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Inland Empire’s Professional Solar Panel Cleaning Service

We use only the highest quality pure deionized (mineral free) water that is environmentally friendly for superior cleaning power. Our pure water filtering system is regularly maintained to ensure that no hard water will be used on your solar panels. It may seem counterintuitive, but soaps and detergents shouldn’t be used on cleaning solar panels because it attracts more dust. This is why we never use any cleaning chemicals on your panels that can potentially violate the manufacturer's warranty.

Our deionized water will ensure that your solar panels remain spotless and will have a streak free shine. With regular cleanings and maintenance we will ensure that your panels are producing at top capacity maximizing your investment in clean and renewable energy. We also visually inspect both the solar equipment and your roof making referrals as necessary to help maintain peak efficiency of your system.

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Tesla Solar Roof Cleaning

We have the proper training, equipment, and best practices to properly clean and maintain your Tesla Solar Roof. To help maintain system performance, it is recommended to routinely have your Tesla Solar Roof cleaned by a professional cleaning service. Tesla does not recommend that Tesla Solar Roof owners step onto their roof so as to avoid danger of slipping, falling and injuring themselves. As per Tesla guidelines, Affordable Solar Cleaning Pros will direct the flow of water downwards off of the roof to avoid directly spraying the front edge of your tiles, as well as in between your tiles. For more challenging areas, such as where dust or debris has built up, we use a telescoping soft brush to gently wipe your Tesla Solar Roof surface. We do not use any detergents, abrasives, solvents or other types of cleaning products on your Tesla Solar Roof, as specified in the Tesla owner's manual.

What if I have pigeons living under my panels?

No problem. We can help! We can get rid of the pigeons, clean your roof, and clean underneath your panels to remove their nests & droppings and install a wire mesh around the entire perimeter of your solar panels so the pigeons won’t come back! As an added deterrent, we can even install bird spikes on your roof. Call us for a bird spike installation quote.

We guarantee our pest proofing services by offering a free annual inspection and repair for the duration of the warranty period.

If you have trouble removing pigeons from your solar panels give us a call at (909) 602-9680 and let us know what we can do for you!

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