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Inland Empire’s Professional Pest Proofing Service

Are pigeons wreaking havoc on your solar panels and your roof? No problem. We can help! We will humanely remove them, clean up their mess on your solar panels, roof, surrounding property, and then install either a 6" or 8" black PVC coated galvanized steel wire along the entire perimeter of your solar panels.

Our PVC coated galvanized steel wire will resist corrosion while enhancing the appearance of your solar PV system. The wire is pre-cut and then PVC coated to avoid any sharp edges to protect your roof from damage. As an added deterrent, we can even install bird spikes on your roof. Call us for a free bird spike installation quote.

Each professional pest proofing service includes an installation and workmanship guarantee that includes free annual roof inspection and repair of the wire mesh installation. What does that mean? It means that every year we will schedule a free service call to inspect the wire mesh installation. If we see any breaks, gaps, or tears of the wire mesh installation, then we will repair it for free, for the duration of the warranty period.

With our free annual roof and solar panel inspections, pest proofing service warranty, pest proofing service warranty, and our galvanized steel wire mesh installation around the entire perimeter of your solar panels we can guarantee our professional pest proofing service will create an impenetrable barrier that will protect your solar panels from damage caused by pigeons, squirrels, raccoons, roof rats, etc. for many years to come!

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Why Pigeon-Proof Your Solar Panels?

Solar Panel Damage

It’s less expensive to protect your solar panel investment than to repair the damage birds can cause to your solar panel system and the sensitive wiring underneath.

Health Risk

Many health risks are linked to the areas filled with bird nests. Birds are known carriers of many viral and bacterial infections. Pigeons alone can carry up to 60 transmittable diseases. Pets can be especially vulnerable when bird droppings contaminate their food and water sources.

Acidic Poop

Bird droppings are very acidic, it’s high in uric acid, that is what makes the poop white. Over time this acidity can corrode the ARC (Anti-Reflective nano Coating) which increases the light absorption of solar cells increasing their performance.

Bird droppings are also highly corrosive to all building materials and if left alone can begin to erode roofing materials such as tiles, shingles, slates, and plastics including most building material surfaces such as concrete, and paint.

Finally, bird droppings can also cause roof leaks by blocking gutters causing drainage issues. Not only can bird poop directly damage building materials, however secondary waste such as seeds which have passed through the bird into their poop can be left in gutters and begin to grow, causing gutters to become blocked with self-seeding vegetation. Bird waste can also build up on the roof, under the solar panels, retain moisture, and block the gutters and re-route roof drainage causing leaks.

Fire Risk

It gets very hot under your solar panels, especially during the dry summer months. Mitigate any risk of your solar overheating and catching fire by removing all pigeons and nesting debris that may cause hot spots under your solar panels.

System Output Reduction

If your solar system is connected with a conventional string inverter system, the panel with most droppings and debris on it will reduce the entire system output thus reducing your solar panel efficiency and production.


Being a bird hotel can cost you your sanity, as they are really noisy guests, especially during the Spring and Summer season when they are actively nesting. By pigeon proofing your solar panels, you can also reduce the amount of roosting and perching that occurs on your roof, throughout the rest of the year.

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