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Inland Empire’s Commercial Solar Cleaning

We have provided extensive solar panel cleaning services for expansive ground-based solar farms and business structures throughout Southern California. Your solar panels represent a significant financial commitment, and it is prudent to ensure their cleaning is carried out by insured and well-trained experts.

Maintaining a regular cleaning schedule for your panels offers undeniable cost benefits. In areas with heavy soil accumulation, such as farms or regions near air traffic paths, proper cleaning can boost your solar system's power output and efficiency by 20% or more. This, in turn, can have a substantial impact on your energy bill savings. If you own or manage a commercial solar panel setup, it is only natural that you would want to maximize the financial gains from your investment and achieve a swift return on investment (ROI). Engaging in solar panel cleaning will help you accomplish precisely that. Neglecting the cleanliness of your solar panels can significantly impede your ROI timeline. However, by ensuring clean panels, you allow more light to reach the solar cells, resulting in increased energy generation and ultimately leading to a greater ROI in a shorter span of time.

Based on research conducted by the University of Houston, it has been determined that dirty solar panels can lead to a reduction in energy production of up to 35%. To maintain optimal performance, it is advised to have your panels cleaned every four months. The monetary advantages of regularly cleaning your solar panels are substantial.

It is crucial to entrust the cleaning of your solar panels to qualified professionals and not just anyone. Cleaning panels without proper care can result in costly and damaging consequences. There are various risks involved in the cleaning process, including potential cracks in the glass and damage to the seals between each panel. Therefore, it is a wise business decision to rely on solar cleaning experts who are trained, licensed, and insured.

Robotic cleaning of solar carports and canopies.

Solar canopies are structures that are built to provide shading for vehicles while also generating electricity from solar panels mounted on the roof of the canopy. The main benefits of solar canopies include:

  • Generating renewable energy: Solar canopies reduce the need for non-renewable energy sources.
  • Cost savings: Solar canopies can help reduce energy costs for the building or facility where they are installed.
  • Reduced environmental impact: Solar canopies help to reduce gas emissions and other environmental impacts associated with traditional energy generation.
  • Shading for vehicles: Solar canopies provide shade for vehicles.
  • Increased property value: Solar canopies add value to a property.
  • Tax credit and incentives: Many countries and states offer tax credit and incentives to encourage the use of solar energy, which can help to offset the cost of installing a solar canopy.

Benefits of Robotic Cleaning for Solar Carports

Discover the advantages of our automated cleaning solutions for solar carports:

  • Precision: Our robotic cleaners ensure a meticulous cleaning process, maintaining a consistent standard across all panels without causing any equipment damage.
  • Accessibility: Our remote-controlled robots can effortlessly access hard-to-reach areas on solar carports that are difficult for manual brushes to reach.
  • Efficiency: Robots clean solar panels swiftly and efficiently, reducing on-site time and boosting module output.
  • Safety: Cleaning solar panels can pose risks to both the installation and technicians involved. Our robots perform this task safely, eliminating human errors, injuries, and damages.
  • Versatility: Our robots are equipped with various brushes designed for different types of soiling, such as lichen and bird feces.
  • Eco-Friendly: Our remote-controlled robots operate on 100% battery power, completely eliminating the need for fossil fuels.
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